Time to take off ?

Covid 19 has changed our lives in a big way and certainly the way we plan our travels, vacation etc.. particularly International travellers are still not clear about it. There are restrictions in many countries on travellers from various other countries. There are uncertainties about so many aspects like flights,visa rules,covid guidelines, lock downs, curfews right from the point of origin to destination.

With depressed economic scenario, tourists are unwilling to expose themselves to such risks and obviously are not inclined to spend their hard-earned monies to get further hassled.

However, lets not feel pessimistic about our future plans to travel abroad as there is a ray of hope in these dark clouds- vaccines. In time to come, we all will get inoculated and will be able less threatened this deadly virus.

We all hope and pray that things will be normal soon. We will be again able to fasten our seat belts and take off and cruise.